Nature management

The aim is to preserve the cultural tradition and biodiversity within the biosphere reserve by clearing and restoring former grazing grounds. This is implemented through different projects which are directed to entrepreneurs within landscape management and owners of grazing animals.

The project “Archipelago entrepreneurship and landscape management”, 1.2. 2004-28.2. 2006, gave training in landscape management to entrepreneurs in the archipelago. As a result of the project, some 50 ha of overgrown hay and grazing meadows were restored. Nowadays cattle and sheep are grazing these areas. The project “Valuable incomes”, 1.6.2006-30.9.2007, aim is to coordinate the collaboration between entrepreneurs within landscape management, land owners and cattle breeders. By encouraging small-scaled animal farming and guidance the project aims to re-establish and maintain the traditional archipelago culture.

There is now an ongoing project, 2011-2013, to promote small-scale sheep farming on islands in th Baltic Sea. The sheep are important for the landscape management.

KNOWSHEEP – local project leader: Sonja Tobiasson