The Archipelago Sea Area Biosphere Reserve was commended by UNESCO

The periodic review of the Archipelago Sea Area Biosphere Reserve (ASABR) was approved by the International Coordinating Council of the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Program (MAB). The ASABR was established in 1994 and reported for the second time about the activities to UNESCO. The very detailed report was appreciated by UNESCO. They mentioned specially the activities deployed to engage more residents and including activities aimed at promoting new economic opportunities in relation to the biosphere reserve. They also noted with appreciation the strong involvement of the municipalities in the management of the biosphere reserve. They commended the approach taken to include local knowledge in the management and learning/research functions of the biosphere reserve. UNESCO is interested to know about all activities that promote a sustainable development in the region. They also especially noted the very successful integration of refugees in the islands of Nagu, as a good example of social sustainability in a small society.


You can read the whole report here: Periodic Review ASABR 2005-2015


All people who promote sustainable development in the Åboland Archipelago by their everyday decisions or by the work they are doing,  are important for the biosphere reserve. The work in the ASABR continues with new energy for the following 10 years!