Local administration

The aim of the coordination of the Archipelago Sea Biosphere Reserve is to combine nature protection with sustainable development of socio-economy and culture. The biosphere reserve is not an instance in itself, but rather a nomination for the whole area.

This means that all the participants of the area compose the content of the biosphere area. The function of the biosphere coordinator is to collaborate with other organizations in the area and also to fulfill aims in accordance with the MAB-programme. 


The biosphere reserve has one full-time coordinator. The activities are supervised by a steering group that meets regularly and is supporting and guiding the coordinator. The activities of the biosphere reserve are effectively incorporated into the other development and research activities in the area.

Members of the Steering Group from 2018- are:

Sanna Kipinä-Salokannel, ELY-centre, chairman (sanna.kipina-salokannel(at)ely-keskus.fi)

Trygve Löfroth, Forest Services/National Park

Christoffer Boström, University of Åbo Akademi

Jari Hänninen, University of Turku

Jan-Erik Karlsson, The Town of Pargas

Daniel Wilson, The Municipality of Kimitoön