Archipelago Sea Area BR

The Archipelago Sea Biosphere Reserve was established in 1994. It consists of the Archipelago Area of the region Åboland, which means those parts of the Town of Pargas and the Municipality of Kimitoön that are without a fix road connection. Its total area is 5400 km² of which 4580 km² consists of water areas. Nowadays app. 3800 persons live within the biosphere reserve, of which 80 % speak Swedish as their mother language.

State owned areas within the Archipelago National Park constitute the core areas of the biosphere area, but most of the land and waters are private owned. The regional environmental authority (ELY-center) is responsible of the Biosphere Reserve and the coordination of the activities is managed by the Development Centre of the Town of Pargas together with the municipality of Kimitoön and the regional ELY-center.